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Joan Brossa and the Residence for Researchers

The poet Joan Brossa (1919-1998) started his creative activity around 1940 when his first visual poems, inspired in caligrammes, appeared. From here, a very creative production began; just to mention some: his books on poetry, his playwrights, his participation in publishing projects such as "Algol" magazine with Joan Ponç and "Dau al Set" with A. Tàpies, M. Cuixart, J.J. Tharrats, C. Ponç and A. Puig and in other public activities from 1980s on.

In 1998, he designed the Residence for Researchers ­ CSIC- Generalitat, Government of Catalonia logo, trying to rescue the spirit of the Residence for Researchers in its intention to build up a brotherhood between science and culture from the very core of these activities: the question, ever present as a premise in both activities and the colours, green and black, are an invitation for seeking a more intelligent future for all of us.