Brossa – According to what things are followed by Image and effect praising.

Author: S. Pau Bertran i Carles Hac Mor

Brossa – According to what things are followed by Image and effect praising.

Barcelona, October 2001

Number: 12

Format: 21 x 29,7 cm

82 pages

Languages: Catalan and Spanish

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At the end of the last interview, after having said "Don’t you want to know anything else about things?" Joan Brossa added, he was not clearly heard, though, "you should know that imagination applied to the whole world is vague compared to the imagination applied to a small detail".

It was long time since I wanted to write things about "things' images" as they are and now, that I have finally started working on it I can understand the reasons why I had postponed it for so long. As for the image, the best thing you can do is to look at it and keep silent. Words and images have different codes, they are of rival nature.

One, the word, no matter how subtle, will always refer to the mechanism of empiric knowledge in which we are immerse, in this our human cave. The other, the image, does not demand so heavy a process to be (re) known. It is just a question of looking at it, without a word.


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