Land, bridges, landscapes: Poetry and Publication today

Author: Susanna Rafart (editing)

Land, bridges, landscapes: Poetry and Publication today

Barcelona, March 2001

Number: 15

Format: 14 x 20 cm

112 pages

Languages: Catalan

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Published for the cicle for encounters and reading held from January 16th to March 16th at the Residence for Researchers.

Poetry is a territory in itself. It moves the reader through that feelings transport which the metaphor is; it is a cartography where the symbolic life substitutes physical life. It is not better than life and it does not confront it. It simply offers a home to live beyond succession, beyond changes and transformation. It is, it might be said the memory of the river water that has passed when it has already passed. And, therefore, it is not what remains but what we think that remains.

This complexity also states some complicity with: language, of course, but also with the human group when this language is spoken and with its physical and social environment. If Catalan poetry has distinguished itself as one of the most interesting European lyric tradition is because it has been able to build this net between Catalan language, rich as it is in symbolisms, and its historical and geographical reality.


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