Miguel Batllori: The knowledge’s four seasons

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Miguel Batllori: The knowledge’s four seasons

Barcelona, 2001

Number: 13

Format: 14 x 20 cm

44 pages

Languages: Catalan

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Published for the conferences cicle organized by the Residence for Researchers, held on April 2001.

It is usually thought that wise people only existed far from our time. Priest Miguel Batllori (Barcelona 1909), a paradigmatic example of a scholar, is the most fruitful and evident personification of a wise man. His interest in knowing
"tout court"(just for the sake of knowing)had always been one of his obsessions, and as a culture historian, he reached the top the top in different moments in Western history.

He is said by scholars that it is very difficult to find a scientific personality so solvent as that of father Batllori who was able to get into so diverse people’s mentalities and times as he was so keen on; his long book teaches us from the Medieval times to ours. From all this moments in history –characters and personalities- Residence for Researchers chose four of the most significant to render a humble homage untitled Miguel Batllori, The Knowledge’s four seasons".

Lectures given at the Residence for Researchers by some internationally well known scholars and professors, are compiled in the present volume which enables the reader to understand the extension and importance of Miguel Batllori's work as a culture historian.


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