URBS PICTURATA. The city in the work of Antoni Vives Fierro

Author: Lluís Calvo Calvo (ed.)

URBS PICTURATA. The city in the work of Antoni Vives Fierro

Barcelona, June 2008

Number: 34

Format: 14 x 20 cm

87 pages

Languages: Catalan and Spanish

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    The Residence for Researchers has collaborated several times with the artist Antoni Vives Fierro. The first time in 2004, through the exhibition «A look on the Raval», short after through the presentation, really multitudinous, of his book Vives Fierro, one year more... 2004... one year less. Since then, Vives Fierro has collaborated in different events at the Residence presenting some of his paintings as in the Spring Concert II commemorating the group Diabolus in Musica created in 1965 by Joan Guinjoan and Juli Panyella. Besides, he made portraits of the Spanish Nobel Prizes Severo Ochoa and Santiago Ramón y Cajal; the portrait of the former on the occasion of the centennial of his birth, the portrait of the latter on the centennial of his receiving the Nobel Prize, both works were made for the Scientific Research Superior Council Presidency, in Madrid.

     Creativity needs, among others, an adequate technique; otherwise a lack of it limits considerably the scientific and artistic progress. As René Descartes said, “Tout progrês scientifique est un progrès du méthode.”

     Through a collage, Antoni Vives Fierro, has rediscovered that Barcelona we walk every day, with its people in their proper place, and he made us see the real city life. Looking at his paintings we really feel the individuals’ personalities and the buildings spirits. From the Encantes to the Boqueria, from El Molino to the Liceu and the Palau de la Musica, from Paseo de Gracia, from the Pedrera to the Llotja, from the Raval to the Barceloneta. All this world do exists, but Vives Fierro make us see them, the same way Newton, watching the fall of the apple, lay the foundation a the new physics, or at least, it explains why the stars keep on following their brilliant orbits in our sky.


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